PNB Housing Home Loan - Digital Loan Process

PNB Housing is a brand name of PNB Housing Finance Limited, it is a registered home finance company with National Housing Bank (NHB).

With over 30 Years of housing loan experience, PNBHousing has one of the largest branch networks in India which has always been one of the preferred banking partners of Dealsofloan.

How It works

To enable the digital home loan application followed by the DOL CRM lead flow, add lead in DOL CRM/ Partner App, Upload documents, Select Bank Login as PNB Housing and submit login button, your lead will directly processed to PNBHousing digitally without manually process

Eligible Customers

PNB Housing started a digital home loan process for Salaried & Self Employed both types of customers, customer can avail Principle Approval with Post subjective condition of Legal, Technical, CPV & RCU, to get the Principle approval IMD payment is transferred to PNBhousing account by payment link directly sent to customer’s mail from PNBHousing.

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Dealsofloan with PNB Housing

Dealsofloan is known for its technology strength, and now DOL become the market leader just because of pre development plan for automated lead processing systems, hence Dealsofloan integrated its CRM & Mobile app with various banks/ NBFCs digitally, now at this time DOL CRM & DOL App is directly processing leads digitally without manual process for PL/BL/Credit Card & Housing Loans.Dealsofloan started home loan digital application and providing instant update

PNB Housing Product range

• Home Loan for Salaried Customers
• Home Loan for Self Employed customers
• Unnati Home Loan for unorganised business segment
• Plot Purchase & Construction Loan
• HL/ LAP Balance Transfer
• Industrial Mortgage
• Industry purchase loan
• Lease rental discounting

PNB Housing Home Loan Eligibility Programs

Net Income Program

PNB housing offers Net Income Program matches customers loan amount requirement, it has good Fixed income obligation criteria (FOIR) percentage and other income clubbing options, it will help to enhance loan amount. Under net income program customers can avail maximum loan amount up to 10 Crores

Gross Income Program

This program is designed for self employed customers that are large turnover in ITR but the net profit margin are showing very less, in this program consider a fixed margin percentage of various industry wise and customers are getting best loan eligibility under this program

Liquid Income Program

This is one of the best designed programs of PNBHOusing in the market, this program is used for the businessmen that are dealing with cash transactions instead of account transactions. PNB housing offers the highest multiplier of 5 on declared net income in ITR

Pure rental income Program

One of the unique programs in the market very few banks or housing finance companies have, this program is designed for the customers that are getting only rental income. Under PNBhousing rental income program customers can avail up to 1 Cr loan amount

Lease rental discounting Program

A specialized program for lease rental income getting companies or firms, where customers can avail loan amount eligible EMI to 90% of monthly rental, where create an escrow account between bank and application company/ firm to repay monthly EMI

Self employed professional Program

This program is made for self employed professionals customers where the categories are eligibles as, MBBS/ MBBS & MD/ MBBS & MS/ BDS and above and CA, Architects & Lawyers of Highcourts & Supreme courts are considered. Under this program, annual receipts are considered as net income

Auto Balance Transfer & top up program

This program is available for new borrowers and existing borrowers, under this program customers can avail top up loan amount up to 30% of the base loan amount without providing any income documents

Loan Application Process turnaround time of PNB Housing

Under digital process customers can get principle sanction within 48 hours with PNB housing subject to provide all necessary documents at time of loan application in one go & with customers timely response to PNB credit team on phone or email for any tele verification of personal discussion for credit PD positively

EMI Calculator

Loan Amount is 100000
No. of Month is 12
Rate of Interest [ROI] is 10
Monthly EMI

Total Interest

Payable Amount

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