Bank DSA, Loan Agent, Partners Program, Process and Segments of Dealsofloan

Bank DSA, Loan Agent, Partners Program, Process and Segments of Dealsofloan

Aug 13, 2020By Admin

Loan DSA Agent Registration Process Steps and Income: An individual that is engaged in sourcing of customer that are seeking for various types of loans are known as Loan agent in market, become a loan agent in market is easy but sustain in market is difficult just because of competition and lack of transparency by local DSA available in market.

DOL is solving issues of small agents and empower them: To solve this issue Dealsofloan brings a unique agent partnership program in India, it will allow to small agents to feel like a corporate dsa and earn like a big DSA with 100% transparency. Register now and start earning with DOL partner program. Loan Agent can add his/her lead for any of loans, credit cards, insurance, accounts and other financial products in a single roof.

Loan DSA’s monthly income and available locations in India: Loan DSA Agent can earn lakhs of rupees on a monthly basis, even our loan agent work like his own boss. Average income of our loan agent is above Rs 30,000 per month which is the highest average income in the market. In India over 2000 locations are open for registering for Loan DSA.

Here are given the steps to Registration and income:

1.Click Here & Fill Registraion form

2.Get Welcome Link on Email

3.Reset Password

4.Start Lead Generation

5.Start Earning.

  • How to get DSA license in India 2020 with Dealsofloan: Getting a DSA license is very easy with Dealsofloan, more than 1,00,000 DSA partners are registered for DSA license till now and the count is increasing day to day, now DOL have become the market leader in Corporate DSA market with large experience of more than a decade in loan industry.

Dealsofloan (DOL) is offering its DSA license with various models as given below:

DOL Partner income Programs & Features:

  1. Free Partner Plan– Free Plan – Zero Fees/Charges
  2. Privilege Partner Plan– Paid Plan
  3. Exclusive Corporate Franchise Plan – Paid Plan
  4. Enterprise Plan – Paid Plan

Our Partner can select any plan as per their eligibility criteria, to know more about our plan and features mail our support team at [email protected]. Free plan can choose anyone, just need to be an Indian citizen with above 18+ Year and there is no need to have any experience, even if you are a fresher you can Become a Free DSA Partner with DOL. 

Privilege and Corporate plan have some specific eligibility criteria like business experience, office setup and team size etc. These plans are based on PIN code basis of your location, so very few applications can avail the Paid franchise plan to know more about our Unique Corporate Partnership plan write us a mail on [email protected].

Enterprise plan is available for companies that are involves into digital or any of technology segments, like payments, digital marketing, HR managements or other services through online presence and having large volume of customer footfall and B2B segments in India.

Segment wise DSA Opportunity:

LIC Agent DSA or Insurance Broker DSA Program: LIC agent is one of the oldest sales agent networks in India.If we want to learn about the relationship management with our client, LIC agent is a live example of the same, he has the good experience to convince customers easily.

A LIC agent built large network, nurture the client many years, he almost became a family member of his client, LIC agent can source a large volume business in financial sector because his each client takes loans like Personal Loans for his/her marriage, vacation or renovation of his/her home, or car loan for buying a car, home loan etc.

LIC agent have the great opportunity to earn more than others, normally a LIC agent have 1000 plus direct network.LIC agent can register for Loan DSA partner program and start sourcing for all loans, credit cards, and other financial products in anywhere in India, LIC agent can become a financial DSA with DOL.

Home Loan DSA Registration and Income Opportunity: Housing Loan is the third largest sector in Loan industry, and growing with 12.24% annual rate, affordable housing is one of the best sector at the pandemic time, now property rates are cutting down and interest rates reaches the lowest in last 20 years, so anyone can start home loan DSA program with Dealsofloan.

Currently Home Loan DSA registration is available, here our partner can process home loan new customers loan application digitally and physically in any locations in India, home loan dsa can get very good pay-out rates from DOL Corporate partner paid program, the pay-out rates is start from 0.40% to 0.80% per lakh on disbursement amount. Home Loan DSA can disburse his customer’s loan from 40+ Banks and housing finance companies in India, DOL partner app is offering instant home loan approval from 10+ Options in India for new home loan and top up loan customers.

Personal Loan DSA Registration and Income: During the lock-down Personal Loan product became most searchable and demanding product in India, earlier Personal Loan product demand was increasing by 23.12% growth rate annually, more than 15 options are available in the market, DOL is offering 10+ Personal Loan lending options in market through digital lending process, and 12+ Banks and lenders are available on DOL platform serving physical loan process in 200+ locations.

Personal Loan best offers available for all types of salaried and self employed customers in India, where interest rates start from 10.99% to 28% annual reducing with instant loan approval options.

Personal Loan DSA agent registration available now, just submit your registration now and you will get a welcome email along with password reset link, reset your password and start business with India’s largest loan network distribution “Dealsofloan” and build your network with DOL.

Business Loan DSA Registration Process: Business Loan is the 2nd largest segment in India for unsecured loan after personal loans, more than six crore MSME units are registered in India till 2020, as per the market research Business Loan market is increasing by 23.12 % annually.

Business Loan DSA partner registration is available for all with physical and digital model with our advanced partner mobile app, our systems is allowing our partner to login self-employed customer’s file digitally in various banks through our mobile app in real time.

Mortgage Loan DSA Registration and Income: Loan against property is also demanding financial product in India, we are offering Mortgage loan against residential, commercial and industrial property, we have multiple eligibility program to match our customers need. DSA can serve their customer with suitable program from 30+ banks and NBFCs in across the country.Register for mortgage loan DSA with Dealsofloan and earn great income on a monthly basis, with highest payout slab in India.

Car Loan DSA Registration and Process: Dealsofloan brings you the first digitally processed partner app, it allows our partner to apply instantly and get your customers loan approval real time, DOL partners can process new car loan and used car loan both products through our Partner app. Car Loan DSA can earn good amount of money every month.

Credit Card DSA Registration and Earning Opportunity: Credit cards DSA program is the best opportunity for all DSAs in India, DOL is integrated its Partner mobile app with the largest Credit Cards player, yes Dealsofloan is partnered with SBI Cards, HDFC Banks Credit Cards and ICICI Bank credit cards with paper less digital process, now our partner can login credit cards application and get instant decision from various banks.

Join our Credit Cards DSA program and get best payout slabs, work PAN India locations just sitting at your home location, Currently DOL partner is the first digital platform that is serving Credit Cards with end to end digital process.

Two Wheeler Loan DSA Registration and Income: Dealsofloan is one of the fastest growing Two Wheeler Loan digital DSA in India, get instant decision on TW loan application with our partner app, attractive interest rates, PAN India business process, best offers, start generating your two wheeler customers lead through our partner with instant approval/decision features.

Used Car Loan DSA Program and Income: Car refinance products is a rising product in market, this is very easy product for taking a loan in market, because this product is having without income program, so customer can avail loan on the basis of the age of car and KYC documents along with RC/TC hypothecation from bank, now this product is available on DOL partner app with digital lead to till final approval instantly. Currently DOL Partner app is offering only Used Car loan/ Car refinance loan for its all customers from various banks and NBFCs in across the country.

KYC DSA registration Program: DOL partner app is starting KYC completion facility to complete account opening facility to all customers, where DOL partner app shall offer half KYC & Full KYC. Join our DSA program to earn from various financial products available in market. DOL open the door of opportunity for all retail agents’ partners in India. To know more about KYC DSA program, register for our Paid Corporate DSA program.

Saving account and current account DSA Program: Now first time in India saving and current account with digital process is available for all, under this program all types of saving accounts with zero balance and premium accounts are available for all, special current products are available with regular and preferred/ privilege accounts with best features and facility to customers, all process of opening an account is digitally processed, means it’s a paperless features.

Entire process of account opening will be processed through our partner app, digital KYC validation with OTP or thumb impression based, account number shall be generated real time. Join our partner program and start booting your income graph.

CSC Center DSA registration Program and Income: Common service center is one of the best platforms to earn money from various services, like Aadhar Card creation, KYC validation etc, now our DOL partner app is enabling all financial & banking products for CSC centres with digital application process instantly. DOL partner is offering various products from all banks in a single platform, our partner/customer can compare the bank wise products offers and features and avail the best deal available in all banks in market from CSC center is available everywhere in India. A CSC center can earn monthly more than 2 Lakhs from our various financial services like various loans, credit cards, Saving and current accounts, Fixed deposits and recurring deposit etc.

Loan Agency Registration Program in India: At the time of COVID pandemic millions of people become jobless, or not able to work normally, at this tough time Dealsofloan brings Loan Agency registration program for all Indians. Now anyone can start their own Loan Agency with DOL Partner easily, it very simple process, register now from our website and you will get a welcome mail and start your lead generation with self-serve process or download our partner app from Google Play store. Start earning with easiest way, digital process you can start your loan agency from your home also. To know more about our Loan agency partner program write us a mail.

Self Help Group DSA Business Registration Process: Self-help group is also known as “Bachat Gat” in India, these groups can also earn more income from DOL Partner program in India, because self-help group team can serve to its large network, a small self-help group have a network up to 10-15 thousand of network, they are seeking various types of loans, credit cards, accounts and other financial products in market, so self-help group can grab this income opportunity with DOL Partner self-help group registration program, join us now and start your passive income.

SBI Card DSA Business Process and Income: SBI is the largest brand name in India market, now SBI card is open with DOL partner program for all DSA partners with digital process, now this is one of the best opportunity for all to start Credit Card business sourcing for SBI Card with instant approval process, it’s a 100% paperless process with instant status updating facility in partner app. Now DOL is offering best payout slabs to our DSA agent partners, come and join us now because this opportunity is available for limited period only. SBI Credit card available for salaried and self-employed both types of customers in various locations in India.

Gold Loan DSA Business Opportunity in Market: Start your business with our Gold Loan DSA registration program, if you are involved into Gold customers or jewellers’ network, or if your customers are required instant loans against gold ornament at lowest interest rates instantly and anywhere in India. Now start gold loan customer sourcing and earn now.

Aadhar Housing DSA Process and Income by Dealsofloan: Aadhar housing is one of the largest affordable housing loan provider housing finance company in India, earlier it was a subsidiary of DHFL housing, now Aadhar housing is running by “Blackstone” group, now start your housing loan business with Aadhar housing, and serve your rural and urban are home loan customers through DOL Partner DSA agent registration program. DOL is integrated with Aadhar housing through API and it gets instant decision for eligible or not eligible.                                    

Retailer Business Correspondence Franchise Model and Process: DOL partner  agent program available for our retail network in India, if you are engaged in retail balance transfer, mobile recharge business, you can start your loan dsa franchise with DOL Partner program in your city. As we know retail business correspondence network is one of the fastest growing networks in India. Retail franchise business model is best suitable for DSA program for all.

So, Start your Business with Dealsofloan and Multiply your Monthly Income. Register Today and Be your Own Boss!

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