Join Our Personal Loan DSA Program with us - Dealsofloan

Join Our Personal Loan DSA Program with us - Dealsofloan

May 23, 2020By Admin

A personal loan is a multifunctional loan that allows a person clear short-term obligations and payments. A person does not need to reveal the reason for making use of a bank personal loan, and so this loan is very common with the public and very easily available.

As the state-wide lockdown continues, some of India's leading banks have implemented special schemes for businesses and individuals to help them deal with emergency funds arising from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Due to this situation personal loan demands will increase in upcoming  days. So there is a chance for DSA agents to earn more extra income in lockdown by sharing leads with us.

COVID Personal Loan instant money transfer in Account great opportunity or Loan DSA Agent : Personal loan smart process is available with DOL Partner app, now process your lead with our app and complete self-driven process, smart features of check eligibility, select best option and submit now, you will get real time approval also up to Rs. 3 Lakhs you can disbursed your lead on same day with our smart process, with physical verification, to complete this loan process customer’s official email id is mandatory at the time of loan application through our partner app or DOL CRM engine. To process loan application under this program minimum net take home salary requirement is 25K per month, under this program processing fees of 2% is chargeable on loan disbursement by the respective Banks/NBFC'S and it will be deducted from loan.  

MSME Loan Opportunity for Loan Agents: Good demand is about to come from MSME segments, many commercial banks/ NBFCs are designing new products and programs. Collateral free Unsecured business loan is now available with overdraft facility with five year extended tenure for all micro, small and medium enterprises customers in across the country. To avail this loan customer must have incremental business, good banking and regular repayment.

Increasing Demands of personal loan, there is more potential for the agents / executives working in the personal loan industry to turn leads into potential customers and earn extra Money . There is a great effort going into discovering and converting leads to earn a good income.

We bring this initiative at Dealsofloan and therefore have come up with a special and exclusive Bank DSA Program for registered Loan agents on the DOL platform. Your responsibility here will be to search for salaried people who would need a personal loan to buy something or Medical emergency. There are two scenarios in which this works at Dealsofloan; in the first scenario you execute the whole loan process online and our DSA Code & share file with us  and in the other scenario you pass the lead with us, we communicate the lead, follow up with them in the loan process and maintain the file. Every converted loan lead you earn incentives. Actually, you get a higher payout once  their loan is disbursed. We as Dealsofloan, offer the highest and timely payout to our DSA  or Loan Agent. Therefore more leads would work for you to a better payout

Working with us gives you the opportunity to interact with a company which has an appearance in Pan India. You can work easily on your own, and gain extra income at the comfort of your home. You are associated, as a DSA partner or loan , with integrity and a commitment of accuracy and quality of work.

We carry the same beliefs as you, at Dealsofloan. Join us in helping our clients borrow correctly, because we trust in more than money.

Below are the steps to apply as Personal Loan DSA and add leads in DOL Partner App:

1.   Install Dealsofloan Partner mobile app available on Google Play Store

2.   Fill in your profile and register your bank account information for transfer payment.

3.   Add lead as per product wise info in mobile app

4.   Fill in all fields according to the documents of the customer carefully & appropriate

5.   Upload pdf / images of all necessary documents according to the product wise document list mentioned in the application information (i) symbol available in the mobile app.

6.   Instantly confirm the eligibility with different banks / NBFCs an app

7.   Send application for loan / credit cards and receive instant approval / decision from the banks and NBFCs concerned.

8.   Track Loan / Credit Card application status under "My Leads" on Partner App

9.   Solve pending query obtained from banks / NBFCs through a mobile partner app.

10. Post month of issue confirm your pay-out status in your Partner App

11. For any question, get help from DOL relationship manager team

12. Pay-out will be transferred in your registered account on a fixed date.

To Register as a Personal Loan DSA visit our website and Apply Now.


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