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Tips to Get Affordable Home Loan with us& Dealsofloan Bank DSA Program

Tips to Get Affordable Home Loan with us& Dealsofloan Bank DSA Program

May 18, 2020By Admin

With the progress of digital technologies, it's much smoother to apply for a home loan these days. The Dealsofloan website has really made much easier the process for requesting all types of loans.

Also, there can be some financial terms which frighten every borrower of home loans. The interest rate and repayment of the amount of the loan are the two financial challenges on each loan borrower as they opt for a housing loan. But  now no need to bother, with the following ways you can reduce the load to a larger level.

Get Affordable Home Loan by following  below Guidelines:

For the availability of affordable home loans, market research is crucial. It is the basic way you can take advantage of a home loan. You need to have a reasonable understanding of housing loans and the procedures. Compare housing credit schemes and deals from different financial institutions. Keep updated to current interests rates on home loans. Take advice from our  expert team or network who have had affordable home loan already.

Get to know your eligibility for home loan, because it depends on your ability to repay your loan. You can verify your eligibility amount with the help of an home loan eligibility calculator.

Home Loan Balance Transfer:

A home loan balance transfer is the method of moving your current home loan to some other home loan lender, which offers you lowest interest rate. By moving your loan balance to another possible lender, an affordable home loan will help you make use of. And you have to talk to various lenders for that.

Home Loan Balance Transfer is good opportunity at COVID time: Its time to look up in your mobile contacts to survive in this pandemic situation and find out your existing home loan or other loans customers, now its easiest way to encash our existing relationship, call to each prospects and explain about the lowest interest rates opportunity and get ready with saving amount comparison table, it will helpful to customers and you will get great success. 

Top up Loan on existing Home Loan is best option rather than EMI moratorium in COVID period: Nowadays peoples are getting continuous promotional messages, emails & calls for taking a personal loan for any urgent need, but it has a high cost to customer like 14% - 24% per annum, some of NBFCs are offering interest rates of 30% to 36% , it is really very costly to customer, we suggest our customers to take good decision with choosing top up loan on your existing housing loan or mortgage loans, top loan is available at very low interest rate cost as good as housing loan interest rates. Top up loan is available at 8.50% to 11.00% at five years loan tenure with simple and instant loan process, it will take a week time to get disbursed from the bank. So don’t miss this opportunity and call your customers now.

Loan DSA Agent Earning Opportunity with Home Loan at CORONA time: It’s a biggest opportunity in finance segments, so for Bank Loan DSA Agents it is a good time to earn good money in this tough time, it time to think multi dynamically, discuss with more and more customers and encourage them to take new housing loan or top up loans, lots of discounted properties are available in market and the same time interest rates are on its bottom, transfer loans in another banks and get full pay-out once again.

Maintain Good CIBIL Score it will always open door for new loan Availing options: The CIBIL report is one of the key determinants of the eligibility of affordable home loans. It is an applicant's report card in which full details of the applicant's repayment of debts are tracked. A Lender reviews the CIBIL report, and based on that you can either take advantage of a home loan or face rejection. You need to get a strong credit score (at least 750 out of 900) by clearing all of your past debts, paying all of your credit card payments, etc.

Pradhan Mantri AWAS Yojana Scheme (PMAY):

PMAY scheme is a programme of the Government of India launched by our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, who prominently expressed his dream of housing for all by 2022, through the 'Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme' (CLSS) under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)

Now, lower income section / Middle Income community will take advantage of interest subsidy on buying a home, construction, expansion and development.

The PMAY scheme has been split into two sections based on category:

1) PMAY for Urban:

2)PMAY for Gramin/Rural or Gram Panchayat areas:

PMAY (Urban)-

Economical Weaker Section (EWS) or Lower Income  Group  - Annual income in between 3 to 6 Lakh

Middle Income Group (MIG-I) –annual income on paper between Rs.6 Lakh up to Rs.12 Lakhs.

Middle Income Group (MIG- II) – annual income on  within Rs.12 Lakh  up to Rs.18 Lakh.

In the category EWS & LIG, individuals will provide a 6.5%  interest subsidy on a Rs 6 Lakh loan amount.

In the MIG-I category, under this covered all individuals will receive 4 % interest subsidy on a loan amount up to Rs 9 lakhs, and individuals in the MIG-II slab category will receive a 3 % loan subsidy up to Rs 12 lakhs.

PMAY (Gramin)-

Individuals would get at discounted interest rates approximate 6 % p.a. to 7% in the PMAY-G category. For a sum of 6 lakhs Rs. This scheme would provide rural people with easy home loans to build a new home or expand the old one.

Ensuring stable job:

The job security plays a significant role when applying for a loan application. The work security gives the borrower an assurance regarding the repayment.When you regularly move jobs or do unpredictable freelance work, your loan application is highly likely to be denied. you can't get lowest interest rate on home loan if you switching job frequently.

Therefore, to enjoy the benefits of an affordable home loan, you will be steady with your company for at least two straight years.

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