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Digital personal loan process with hdfc - Dealsofloan

Jul 27, 2020By Admin

Digital Loan - Dealsofloan

Financial technology, also reduced to fintech, is the technological innovation that aims to engage in the provision of financial services with traditional financial methods.It is an emerging sector that implements technology to improve finance activities.Many technologies have emerged as some of the top "fintech" technologies in the finance sector.The aim of both old and new "fintech" firms is to develop financial operations and increase the industry's automation.Some firms have improved the whole system of lending

In recent years, and with decent reason, Fintech firms have earned massive popularity. Fintechs have provided the opportunity to take loans without using paper, starting from the application process and running through to the disbursement of the loan amount. Fintechs have made it incredibly convenient to access instant loans to new technological implementation and ultimate architectures, as well as not strict eligibility criteria and smooth documentation processes.

We are delighted to announce you that we have launched digital loan application process with HDFC Bank for Personal Loans over 4500 locationsin India. If you need personal loan anywhere in India then you need to go through our website i.e Now Loan application in just 5 min with HDFC Bank.

"So now Disbursing Happiness is with us.. We understand Your World ! "

Key Highlights:

? 4500 Locations in India
? Application from your home or office through Dealsofloan CRM is very convenient.
? Track Your Loan Application Live Status
? Select Bank & Submit application in Digital Process
? 10+ Banks integrated with Dealsofloan CRM
? Free Registered for Dealsofloan DSA program
? Dedicated Support Team

Now do personal loans anywhere in India...

As HDFC Bank's Digital partner, the FinTech Startup ' DealsofLoan ' introduces you to the new Online Lending deal spread across no of cities.Knowing people's needs, the DealsofLoan provides a single platform for all your loan needs covering all of life's important parts.

Dealsofloan offers following outstanding services:

Dealsofloans matches up the best offers and identifies the right lender to handle.

- You should compare the various interest rates that are offered.

Dealsofloan tracked regular bases of interest rates and has always been changed to reflect the financial's latest update.

- You may apply directly through the dealsofloan website for the specified loan product online.

- You can even enjoy the benefits of exclusive discounts and deals through Dealsofloan for great savings as we

work with largest financial institutions and banks.

- Dealsofloan offers end-to-end assistance from a dedicated customer care service for easier processing leading to

a fast disbursement of funds.

- For easy handling of your loan, you will receive regular status updates through emails and SMS.

- After properly submitting a personal loan application, an instant e-approval will be sent to the applicants.

-All personal loan applications generated to Dealsofloan will be transmitted electronically to the particular bank

department .

- We ensure complete confidentiality and transparency.

There are many functions that make the preferred choice for loan borrowers to fintechs. Some of them are shown below:

Features of Dealsofloan :


Fintechs are very fast when it came to bank loans being accepted or denied. They get through the your credit report and test your eligibility based on some factors to determine if you're going to be a trustworthy and reliable customer.Your salary, your current job, your age, and your credit rating are the key factors that drive fintechs to make their acceptance and denial decisions.

Check online :

The days you'd be applying for a loan are gone and a bank executive would come to your home or office to check your documents. Fintechs actually made all fully digital, including the process of validation.You can not only apply for a loan online, but you can also submit your relevant documents with all the details you need.Your documents will be checked digitally .This process save you time and efforts.

Employees of companies that are not listed are also qualified:

One of the main reasons for denying requests for personal loans is that borrowers are working for non-listed firms or organisations. Most of the major banks in the country have a list of companies that are listed in their database, and loans are only offered to these employees. Fintechs, though, are not too strict about who you work for.Even if you've just found a job in a start-up that's not listed in the big bank registry, fintechs will accept your request if they're satisfied with your credit history.

Simple Process: Simple and Easy loan application process.

Eligibility Criteria for Instant Loans through Fintechs:

Age: Many fintech companies providing personal loans require lenders over the age of 21. Normally, the maximum age limit is set at 60 years.

Income: Most industries consider lenders to earn at least Rs.15,000 a month on average.

Documents required: When applying for an instant loan with a fintech company, you will need to submit a few documents such as your PAN card, Aadhaar card, past three-month payslips or salary statements, past three-month bank statements, photographs, etc.

Repayment history : Including your credit score, when assessing your eligibility for an instant loan, fintech lenders often look at your repayment history. Good reputation of repayment will make qualifying for a loan at favourable terms very easy for you.

Credit score : Your credit score is one of the most important factors that fintechs take into account when calculating your eligibility for an instant loan. Most lenders require borrowers to be eligible for an instant loan with a credit score of at least 650.

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Your credit report is one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding your eligibility for a particular loan.

We provide credit reports for free so you can understand the health of your credit history.

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