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Who can be work with us as DSA?

Jul 24, 2020By Admin

Who can be work with us as DSA?

In this Loan DSA or Bank DSA Business, the different professional people, who belong to different sectors of the work, really can do great things. The Loan DSA is suitable for everyone, not only for people involved in the banking sector but also for looking for work. And various professional people can work in the field even better.

Loan DSA Agent is someone that is in touch with people who are looking for some money and who is understanding. He understands that managing the process of applying for and approving a loan is not convenient. He understands their ambitions and works to enrich them to help their dream come true.

several fintech firms offer to deal with people who are interested in working for them as DSAs. Because you' re not directly hired by them, the best thing is that you' re totally independent in the operation and that's where a Bank Loan DSA and your Loan DSA differ. Without such limitations and targets, you' re your own boss.

Some professionals, who can work much better in the field. The list of those is below:

Chartered Accountant:There will be multiple business chances for CA's in India. CA's can use their financial reporting, insurance, tax consulting accounting services, accountants, financial management, and auditing expertise by starting their own business. A CA develops a strong professional and personal people community while operating, which eventually proves to help increase its business. Dealsofloan has therefore developed a special and exclusive DSA loan partner program for CA's. They will share with us a loan lead and earn extra incentives once it has been disbursed. This will help them to extend their professional network and allow connecting with a brand that has a presence in India.

Architects :The architects are the people who could do amazing things in the field of Loan DSA business. Since, they are the ones, who consistently remain in touch with the builders and contractors and even with the people who need the buildings and homes for themselves, the chances are that people are coming through these professionals, who might need loans, particularly home loans. Thus, starting to act for those professionals as a part-time business, the Loan DSA is a good step to be taken in their corporate culture.

Real Estate Agent : People who belong to the ' Real Estate ' Industry, during which they meet hundreds of people every day, searching for homes and also home loans, except, some contractors and builders are already doing this Loan DSA business, and those who are completely ignorant of this, can utilise  this business together with their mainstream development and building business.

Insurance Agent: In their day-to-day programs or routine, the Insurance Agent meets lots of people.They have a strong network of professionals and personal peoples. They know the overall needs of those peoples. This insurance agent will help their network by providing financial solutions like personal loans, home loans, business loans. by such way, they also earn an extra income at the same time.

Mutual Fund Adviser : Mutual fund adviser meets no of peoples in their day to day activity. They understand the requirements of the clients. they also know which peoples need financial help to complete their dream. so, they will be exact peoples who can be worked as a loan does agent and improve their financial income with the same effort as a mutual fund adviser.

Hr Professionals:Hr Professionals are talented and knowledgeable individuals. These people are well connected with their employees. They know their employees well. They are also aware of the financial crisis facing their employees. Therefore, they should persuade their workers for the loan with their good communication skills and super persuasive abilities. And so they have a great chance to help their employee and start extra income.

Ex Banker :Every person involved in the banking industry is well knowledgeable in the loan standards. They had to deal with a broad range of customers to support them with any of their needs. Along with being professional, they are also up-to-date with the banking-related market trends. Ex bankers have are up to date with market variations and interest rates on a variety of loan, ex-banker have chance to enhance their financial income by joining as loan dsa agent.

Digital Marketers : Those within the digital marketing area will be able to explore this alternative with the same impact as others. As they' re well aware of how to market the company; they have all the abilities and talents needed for the Loan DSA business to catch leads. They can go for their websites and promote websites designed for loans to capture leads. Simultaneously, the social media campaign, etc. can be used to acquire specific leads, and the best thing is that even when they sleep, their advertising campaigns work around the clock to catch leads for them. Now they just have to send those leads to the relevant Fintech Companies and they get their commission once the loan has been approved.

Responsibilities Of DSA:

  • Identify and list the bank's financial services, such as credit cards, personal loans, home loans,
  • business loans, mortgage loans, deposit schemes, etc.
  • Procure the completed loan applications forms
  • Check the data of the applicant’s
  • Review the obtained documents or papers.
  • For further processing, send all reviewed and approved documents to the bank.

Benefits of being DSA with DealsofLoan:

  • You are the Boss : Without capital, you can Start your own Business
  • additional income can be earned and your earnings will differ from lead to lead.
  • You will work in flexible hours to create leads and the more leads you get, the more earnings you receive.
  • No prior knowledge of the banking sector is required.
  • We provide free DSA Registration.
  • We give highest and timely payout
  • Dedicated RM Support
  • Free CRM System.
  • You have the opportunity to interact all over the nation with reputable banks and NBFCs.

DSA Registration Process With Dealsofloan:

We Dealsofloan , open to registration with Bank DSA for Personal Loan, Mortgage Loan, Home Loan, Business Loan, and many other loan items. Our target is to approach all DSAs in India and lead all registered banks.

Visit :

Dealsofloan is the largest DSA distribution network in India, become our privileged partner and get the highest payout!

  • Fill all the information on the registration page, such as Name, Email etc.
  • Click on the Register
  • Check your email with the link to verify
  • Once the confirmation is completed, the company's customer care, such as DealsofLoan, calls you to clarify the further steps.
  • Upon your approval and cross-checking of the application, the DealsofLoan will send you the CRM login details where you can enter all details such as Lead Capture, etc.
  • The entire DSA loan registration process is fully flexible and easy.
  • At the same time, the entire process is cost-free, unlike other competitors that charge a substantial amount to become a DSA.

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