Things Need to Consider Before Applying for Home Loan

Things Need to Consider Before Applying for Home Loan

Jun 06, 2020By Admin

Applying for a home loan is one of a people's most important financial decisions in his or her life. It's a long contribution that will walk by you for almost your entire working life. Not just to do you need to analyse your financial situation, but also put the property under proper analysis and recognize the policies and procedures of the loan company before making a major commitment to Home Loan. Below are some points needs to consider while applying for home loan.

Check Your Credit Score:

Before you begin to apply for Home Loan, the first and important thing you need to do is verify your credit score. If you get a very good credit score, there might be chances of getting home loan at lowest interest rates. Your credit score playing a crucial role in the process of home loan. Check your detailed credit record statement to see if all is in line and if there is no discrepancy in your credit history, such as some other person's unexplained expenditure or debt displayed in your account.

Monthly Income and Budget:

Home Loan EMIs can claim as much as half of your monthly income. You will prepare a monthly budget to track all your earnings and expenditures. This will help you identify how much you can pay to the Home Loan instalment each month, and how much money you can spend each month on living expenses. This will also allow you to prepare your savings in the new fiscal year.

Be Ready with emergency fund:

It will always be necessary to have at least two months' income as an emergency fund in your account just in case something unplanned occurred. This should be slowly improved by an extra 10-month income in Fixed Deposits, that can be used for long-term financial disruption. When you're using a lot of money, still hold your emergency fund up.

Be Ready with your Savings:

In general, home loans are given at 80% or a maximum of 90% of the worth of the house you plan to buy for. You'll need to take the remaining money from your wallet. That's how you'll use up a big amount of your current savings. You have to be actually ready to part with most of the funds you've saved up to date and start saving the money right from the beginning.

Ensure Property being Listed For Home Loan:

For a number of instances, some borrowers are unwilling for a variety of reasons to offer home loans in certain areas or projects. The explanation may be due to the terms of the regulator, or the policy of the lender. Please ensure the property being listed is suitable for Home Loan.

Check Property Documents:

The majority of individuals who'd been disqualified from Home Loan because of some problem  in land title or Home documents is not proper. Always ensure  a complete ownership title deed where the current seller can sell the home before applying for the loan application process.

Check if you can take out Insurance on Home:

Buying a property  or Home is a strong financial commitment. It has got to be secured appropriately. Get an insurance provider to test you can get home insurance for how much and for when. In the event of any unexpected circumstance this will keep you secured.

Check your Eligibility for the Loan:

Using Our website you can check your Home Loan eligibility based on income. Also, check with Home Loan companies to see how much they are lending in a given locality for homes of a specific size. Different lenders have different policies regarding credit.

Check your Home loan interest rate fixed or floating:

Home loans are available in either fixed rate, where interest is charged on a fixed basis or floating rate, where interest rates continue to differ. Some Banks  or NBFC's also offer Home Loan Interest Rates in both format where you'd have interest rate fixed for some early phases usually 5 years, and then float for the rest of the loan tenure.

Check Lock in Period and Prepayment Charges :

There can be scenarios where loans come with a lock-in date, and you are unable to transfer or prepay them before a certain time span. Likewise, you may also want to check for any fees regarding full or part of the loan's prepayment.

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