Online Small Business Loan in India Apply Now !

Online Small Business Loan in India  Apply Now !

Jan 11, 2022By Admin

Do you wish to establish a business or expand an existing one? Don't know where to start looking for money? Taking out a loan is the most effective way of funding your business. However, not all small-business loans are straightforward to obtain. Some of the loans require a long credit history and extensive documentation, while others have high interest rates. Some of them are long-term, government-backed loans with lower interest rates. Entrepreneurs might borrow from a variety of sources, which can make it difficult to make decisions.

Dealsofloan is one of India's biggest loan distributors. They work with some of the most well-known companies in their portfolio. Through digital enablement and inclusion, it now makes life easier for MSMEs. Our small business loans help India become financially self-sufficient and support the Make in India initiative.


The MSME business loan within 59 minutes is currently the most talked about business loan scheme. In Sep of 2018, the government announced the introduction of this scheme for first time. This scheme provides loans for financial assistance and to promote MSME development in the country. Both new and existing businesses can benefit from financial assistance of up to Rs.1 Crore under this scheme.

The entire process takes at least 6-9 days, but you'll know whether you've been approved or rejected within the first 59 minutes of applying. MSME Loan is a refinancing scheme in which funds are provided by five recognized public sector banks. The interest rate in this scheme is determined by the nature of the business and your credit score.

Documents required to apply in MSME scheme for small-business-loan are:

- Personal KYC verification using PAN and Aadhar cards

- Proof of address can be shown by documents such as a lease agreement, a driver's license, a voter's ID, a ration card, and so on (anyone out of the options)

- As proof of income, keep a six-month account summary or statement.

- Documents proving the legitimacy of a business, such as a GST registration certificate, a trade license, and so on.

- For business loans over twenty lakhs, you must present your ITR and audited financial records from the last two years.


Micro-Units Development and Refinance Agency (MUDRA), a government-run institution in India, offers small-business loans. Under the guise of 'supporting the unfunded,' this scheme gives loans. The governmental authority offered low-cost lending for small initiatives and new firms because they are typically left on their own to finance their ventures. MUDRA loans are mostly granted to micro and small firms in the service, trading, and manufacturing industries.

Under the different Small Business loan categories we offer below segment small business loan online.

- Dairy Business.

- Spices industry or shop.

- Honey processing

- Mobile Shoppe

- Electronics Shoppe

- Jewellers Shop

- Readymade clothing Store

- Handloom industry

- Cable Operators

- Food Industry

- Coffee cafe

- Beauty Parlour

- Dry fish center

- Retail Medical Store

- General / Retail Store

If you need a small business loan to start or expand your business, Dealsofloan can help. We provide hassle-free and quick business loans in India through a simple online loan application process. Whatever the reason, no firm can overlook the need of a consistent flow of capital for growth. For an online business loan, you'll need a trustworthy lender. So we are the best option for small business loan online.

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