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Manage Your own Investment Like a Professional

May 23, 2020By Admin

Investment is an idea, which must be done in the proper way to secure future and your family. Investment is a necessary step towards a secured and happy life, which paves a way to the better lifestyle. A lifestyle free of all troubles.
Managing investment is very essential step and when you consider beginning with the investment, the initial step is to have a financial plan. Managing your financial plan in a better way is the need of the investment initial flowchart.

Here are a few questions which one must ask himself, towards the beginning of the Investment.

  • What is the limit of the investment?
  • What will be the duration of the investment?
  • What are the financial goals of yours and your family?
  • What is your capability of taking risks?

One must always remember that for the investment, research plays the crucial role and this must be done in a proper way. Even one should carry on the research work when the amount has been invested as it may pave a new way and opens up a new dimension towards your investment goal. Thus, research and only research should be the prime concern towards investment.
Ways of an Investment

There are several ways of an investment and one can make a choice of those available. The investment in the form of on line investing, dividend reinvestment plans and direct investing are a few to mention.
Who Can Help You Out in The Investment Process?
There are several ways through an investment can be carried out in the best way. With the help of Brokers and investment advisors, you can better plan your investment. Take a help of these people and always keep on exploring your available options.

Real Life Examples of Investment Gains
There are several examples and names to mention, who have gained a lot with the wise investment.

Paul Glandorf’,  77 Years
To mention the names among them, one ‘Paul Glandorf’, a 77 year old trader, had a whopping return towards his investment. Way back in 2013, he participated in an investing competition, where he bought  five stocks on  1st January  and held them through the end of the year. What's the most amazing thing about the whole investment was the return after a year. In fact, he finished his portfolio with an amazing 71% return. By profession, he was a pipe fitter and near his retirement, he took an interest in the investment schemes and started to research on how to manage his available funds in a good and profitable way. All, he paid attention at was the fundamentals of the investment and technicalities of stocks.

Brandon Fleisher,  17 Years
If the above case is not an enough inspiration for you, there’s another story of a much younger investor, from whom you can get lessons. He doubled his money in 14 months. Yes, in just 14 months! Brandon Fleisher, a young investor of 17 years prefers to manage his investment portfolio and owing to great returns through the stocks he picked up, he came up with the double of the investment in just 14 months.  The boy who loves to call himself as a ‘growth investor’, is primarily interested in buying only small individual stocks and holding them for a few months. However, he adds one important line in his statement (in his own words), “If I buy something I make sure I’m ready to hold it for a long time if it tanks. I want to invest in a company that’s going to do well in the long term – even if I’m only aiming to hold it for the short or medium term”. He explains that in investment of this type, the research is all important and if someone buys the stocks in a hurry, it’s a bad decision. He also explains the people, especially to those who are cautious towards investment, to learn all aspects of the investment, before putting your nose in. Research is all important, which many times, people skips and directly jumps to the investment. At his age, he has a small span of life in this field, but what he believes in, he uses them in his actual life. The proper research is all important in order to avoid any loss in the investment (which is a part of the investment schemes).

Road Map for Investment
A well defined road map for investment can be looked as below:

  • Defining goals
  • Figuring out finances
  • Have a belief in an idea – Small savings add to big money
  • Get rid off higher interest drawing debits
  • Saving something for your worst days
  • Understanding the basic concepts of an investment
  • Investment diversification
  • Measure for your risk factor and your capability in handling risks
  • Learn different aspects of investment options available

Learn the basic attributes of a successful investor. Get through all important guidelines as put forwarded in becoming a successful investor. Always remember that  proficiency in mathematics is essential. You must be able to track down the actual performance of the investment and must keep in mind that self-deception is no ally. You need to honestly judge all aspects of your investment, and what it takes to better and successfully manage your investments. Having a best knowledge of your limitations is a best thing and one must understand how much risks one can take without any trouble.

Take Away:

One must understand one simple concept – You are in the best position to analyze yourself and no one can judge you better than yourself. This approach may keep you in the best position while finalizing your investment strategy and you can devise all approaches  in the precise manner. Always be ready for long term goals and have a faith in ‘wait and watch’ rule.
Investment is a better way to manage your available funds and can place you in a better position in the future in comparison to other competitors.

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