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Is It Possible To Get A Loan In Lock down Without Visiting A Bank?

Is It Possible To Get A Loan In Lock down Without Visiting A Bank?

May 12, 2020By Admin

The rapidly spreading Corona virus has affected the economy. Some people lose jobs while others live with salary cuts or leave without working. Payments for taxes, EMIs or other day-to-day needs face up and there are barely any ways to finance the cash crunch. If you're thinking of taking loans to tackle this temporary shortage of money, you've got one cheaper alternative that allows loans at the lowest interest rate directly from your own bank.  

We are delighted to announce that you can now get an online paperless approval and amount in their bank account that too from comforts of your home! 

As most financial services like new loans not available with unusual circumstances like the existing lockdown, it's vital that consumers have the ability to access financing without visiting a branch or even leaving home.

That is actually how banks like HDFC bank, PNB housing etc are offering. If you have an account with HDFC bank, go through the steps described below.

Qualified or existing loan consumers today are able to access instant financing through customized pre-approved personal loan offers that can be made accessible in minutes also. 

You can also start your process for home loan also from PNB housing, one of the top home loan lenders. 

Here's a step-by-step guideline on how you can get a Instant Personal Loan:


Personal Loan for HDFC Bank Customers

- Download Loan Assist app from Play Store(Android) or App Store(iOS) .

- once installation is complete Click Continue.

- It will ask for your mobile number for OTP verification.

- Enter your mobile number. Click to tick the two boxes to confirm and accept the privacy policy. Then click Submit.

- An OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Click on . Confirm to proceed with the OTP verification. Complete the OTP verification.

- Please set and confirm your 6 digit app password. Click on Submit. 

- Select and click on Loans & Cards

- Select Personal Loan

- Select Apply Now to begin the application process

- To proceed with Aadhar based KYC select

- Aadhar based eKYC and click Proceed. The applicant's Aadhar ID would be asked here

- Once the Aadhar ID is entered, UIDAI shall send an OTP on the applicant's Aadhar registered mobile number.

- Enter The OTP to complete.

- Alternatively you can proceed with Physically officially valid document.

- Select Proceed again.

- Application Page will Open.

- Fill in the application form with the correct required details. also add the Agent code  62184

- Upload the applicant's bank statement identity proof, application form and income proof.

- In case some/all the documents are not available they/it can be uploaded later as well.

- Then select Proceed.

- Your application is now complete

- Important: Please note down the application number for future tracking and references.

Digital Home Loan from PNB Housing:

PNB housing provides digital home loans in the center of the lockdown, Please Enter this DMA code PUN|DMA|3004|21685 while filling up the form. just follow below 3 easy steps: 

1) apply and share information

2) upload documents 

3) Get loan approved. 

Click below link to apply:


Benefits of Getting online loan in lockdown period :

- Quick Approval

- Digital Process.

- Paperless Approval.

- Lowest interest rates.

- Affordable EMI's.

- No need to visit the branch for a loan.

- Transparent Process.


Send an email on [email protected] with your application no or call on 98221 09381 to get the application processed fast.

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