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How to Earn Money Online using Dealsofloan Partner App

How to Earn Money Online using Dealsofloan Partner App

Jul 21, 2020By Admin

We spent a large amount of our time on the internet. Due to the emergence of e-commerce, a lot of entrepreneurs choose to raise some money online while seated back at home. Technological solutions in most cases transform into full-time online businesses. The easiest way to earn money online is to use income-earning apps, and with a little effort they provide you with a significant amount of cash. Here you need to bear in mind that you need to pick programs that have valid money-making opportunities.

With Dealsofloan, the online earning  process has now become popular in India while you work from home. Now work from home can start opening many opportunities. You get much more time for yourself and you can earn money without the trouble like travelling to work, achieving goals, etc. working from home gives you the freedom to choose your own flexible hours and do whatever you want according to your routine. It's been a transformative approach for millions of entrepreneurs, enhancing their business overall. If you are interested in earning some additional or side income then you need to use the Dealsofloan Partner App. Check at all the important aspects listed below about this effective app to make more income:

Eligibility Criteria for DOL Partner App:

An person must be at least 18 years of age and above to apply for the DOL Partner App. In fact, he would be an Indian citizen too.

The DOL Partner App is also officially available from other professionals such as real estate agents, insurance agents, chartered accountants, travel agents ,Housewife's, LIC agents, Doctors etc.

What is DOL Partner App?

The Dealsofloan Partner App is the ideal option for all entrepreneurs looking to generate additional income with zero investment. An individual must then refer Dealsofloan to people looking for Home loan, Personal  loan, Business loan, Gold loan, LAP, Auto loan, Car loan etc . If the persons referred opt for loans issued by  Dealsofloan, you are qualified to get a commission in return.

Below is the Process of Becoming a DOL Partner.

Download the DOL Partner App, for Android phones OR Register as DSA on the "DSA Registration" page on

To complete the process, submit all the relevant information such as the PAN and bank details.

Begin lead generation by inserting lead via the Digital Lead tab in the app.

Complete in all lead fields and upload all necessary copy scan documents through the "upload documents" tab into the Partner App.

Check lead eligibility and submit lead for bank login through partner app

You'll get instant lead decision from the respective banks as Approved/Reject/Hold, direct hold question via the app instantly, and get your banks' lead approval.

After you have disbursed the lead, the commission will be paid digitally on your bank account.

Below Are the Benefits of DOL Partner App.

Zero Investment: You don't want to have any investment costs to become a partner with DOL Partner Program. You can download and start the reference process directly from the Google Play Store or register our website on

Be Your Own Boss: You will be your own boss when you are an DOL Partner, you don't need to work for someone else. There is no need to set up another office, or recruit more employees. You will work independently and enjoy the benefit of it.

Flexibility of Work: With income-earning apps, you'll have the flexibility to select a schedule according to your necessities. You can function anywhere you wish. With the DOL Partner Program, you can pick and start referrals at any time, as per your availability.

Get Timely and Highest Payout: To wrap up, the DOL Partner Program offers a great platform for all its customers to earn money. The fastest and reliable method of making money online means that you earn some additional income in order to achieve financial objectives.


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