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Home Loan Tax Exemption - Salaried & Self Employed

May 16, 2020By Admin

Home Loan exemption is available for salaried & self employed customers for income tax benefits. This is happened because of the third generation technology. Online markets are growing drastically. Daily updates news spokesperson Mrs. Sadhana Tomar said, everything about the current market trends. She told that financial market is very aggressive and volatile in unsecured and secured funds base loans from banks and other prime financial institutional sales.

Housing loan is the most trusted lending program in India. Sadhana Tomar says,  banks prefers housing loan as compared to the personal loan, Business Loan and other financial products. Sadhana says most of the customers prefers home loan as investment cum income tax saving products. It is best because of the compulsory requirement once in a life for most of Indians. The biggest dream of maximum of people is buying his own house once in a life.  In the current time, buying a home is not a easy task. To enable the issue, banks in India and other NBFC started funding for buying a new home for all types of profiles, it may be salaried or self employed customers anywhere in India.

In my opinion for saving hard earned money,  it is the most common investment way which preferred by maximum of employees in India. Generally  self employed class have lots of ways to save their tax and for doing this they shows the many kinds of expenses & expenditures in their balance sheets and saves huge tax every years. However salaried class have some fixed ways to save their income taxes. Firstly when the employees get their salary, deductions are already in their salary sheets like professional tax, Income tax, after the deduction they start investing in some home loan EMI as interest and principle part.

Normally 75% Indian home loan buyers paid average 50% amount of their salary in to the EMI of home loans and the remain 50% are not enough for surviving in the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or other cities in India. Salaried class pays complete income tax on their salary as per the income tax bracket what so ever. After the taxation, remaining salary amount is purely white and the same amount again comes for new taxes like service tax, entertainment tax, VAT etc. This is financial harassment of the people. The government must think about it. Why common man is suffering from taxation in India & not able to get the flexibility on tax. This should be corrected by the Government.

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