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Exclusive DSA Loan Partner Program for CA - Dealsofloan

Exclusive DSA Loan Partner Program for CA - Dealsofloan

May 29, 2020By Admin

A DSA loan is a successful career option that is highly appropriate for CAs in India. Dealsofloan, has for CAs the exclusive DSA partner loan program. The loan DSA service provided by Dealsofloan to chartered accountants has many advantages and financial benefits linked to it.

So here are some main reason why you might choose Dealsofloan as your business partner for DSA if you are a CA ...

You are getting connected to a Big Company

Dealsofloan is the largest rising distribution company of loans with India. We are active in  almost all cities in India , with a touch base. Dealsofloan is effectively establishing a great existence for reaching customers in India's cities. Over the last 10 years, Dealsofloan has turned into a national company providing loan assistance. Working with Dealsofloan as a DSA would give you the ability to work concurrently with a national brand when you are serving as a CA from your home city. Within a organization with national recognition you will be considered as a business associate, and PAN India enters.

Suitable for your customer:

When you manage the different clients' financing, you know how and when loan they will need. By teaming up with Dealsofloan, you'll help your customers fulfill their financial obligations. Through getting free loan assistance from Dealsofloan, your client will advantage from this, and you will also be recognized. 

You will get high and timely payout:

Being a CA you know the world of finance better than any other. We assume you understand the value of your hard work and the prompt payment of it. We 're making timely payment of the improvements and business you've made in the month. You can believe us to deliver timely payout on your work and effort as we offer the best-in-industry profit sharing program as well as the best-in-industry revenue sharing program and the best Tats to release the payout of the business tried to book in the finance sector.

Benefits of Being DSA with DealsofLoan:

You are the Boss: you can start your own Business without capital

You can earn an extra income, and your earnings will vary from lead to lead.

You'll be working to create leads in flexible hours, and the more leads you get, the more earnings you get.

We provide free DSA Registration.

We offer maximum and timely payout

Provide Dedicated Free CRM System.

You have the opportunity to communicate with best known banks and NBFCs across the nation

We Dealsofloan, available to registration for Personal Loan, Mortgage Loan , Home Loan, Business Loan, and many other lending products with Bank DSA. Our goal is to get to all DSAs in India and to lead all registered banks.

Below are the steps to Register as  DSA through the Website.

- Visit our DSA Registration website Page.

- Fill in all the registration page information , such as Name, Email, Mobile , Employment Type, City etc.

- Click on the Register

- Check your email with the link to verify.

- Once the confirmation is successfully completed, customer care of the company, such as DealsofLoan, calls on you to clarify the further steps.

- When the application has been accepted and cross-checked, the DealsofLoan will give you the CRM login information, where you can enter all information such as Lead Capture etc.

- The entire process of registering a DSA loan is completely flexible and simple.

- The whole process is cost-free at the same time, unlike other competitors who charge a significant cost to Become a DSA.

Below are the steps to Register as  DSA through DOL Partner App.

- Install Dealsofloan Partner mobile app available on Google Play Store

- Fill in your profile and register your bank account information for transfer payment.

- Add lead as per product wise info in mobile app

- Fill in all fields according to the documents of the customer carefully & appropriate

- Upload pdf / images of all necessary documents according to the product wise document  list mentioned in the application information (i) symbol available in the mobile app.

- Instantly confirm the eligibility with different banks / NBFCs an app.

- Send application for loan / credit cards and receive instant approval / decision from the   Banks and NBFCs concerned.

- Track Loan / Credit Card application status under "My Leads" on Partner App

- Solve pending query obtained from banks / NBFCs through a mobile partner app.

- Post month of issue confirm your pay-out status in your Partner App.

- For any question, get help from DOL relationship manager team.

 -Pay-out will be transferred in your registered account on a fixed date.

Dealsofloan is India's largest DSA Distribution Company, Being our Privileged Partner and Having one of the Highest Payout Ever!

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