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Defaulter of Personal Loan in Pune

May 23, 2020By Admin

Defaulter of Personal Loan in Pune

Nobody wants to be defaulter. It happens due to either bad circumstances or due to some system errors  occurred by delayed entry in the system. The important point to be noted is bank should intimate customers before any data sharing with CIBIL. Also they should recall the name of the customers from CIBIL database if the customer justifies the transaction or provide technical evidence to the loan provider banks. Healthy CIBIL score gives the maximum opportunity on instant loans.

Knowledge Center: We have good news for the customers living in Pune which must very helpful to avoid the situation of being defaulter of personal loan in Pune. We have launched the knowledge center cum customer care platform in Pune. This platform provide the instant help availing new loans in Pune as well as the existing loan care. We are providing help & share the knowledge for the field of the finance to all our customers. Customer can know everything about personal loan, Home Loan, Mortgage Loan, Education Loan, Car Loan and more about other loans products & programs in Pune. Here some small things for all which can be very helpful to all our customers.

  • Read Carefully all Loan Documents: Before applying for any loans,  read all the loan application related documents very carefully. Take Xerox copy of all the application documents once filled.
  • Fill the Entire Document in Presence:  Self fill all the loan disbursal documents, agreement or ask the loan providers bank guy to fill the agreement in your presence only and take a copy of all the documents as proof of evidence.
  • Check the EMI Cycle: Major of the defaults occurs on first EMI date because of lack of information of first EMI date. Banks send the EMI alert SMS to all customers and it is very helpful for all customers.
  • Always Pay the Complete Amount: Sometime when the default occurred in any of loan and customer want to repay the overdue amount, always pay the complete amount as settlement and get the payments receipts along with the all communication receipts, mails, letters etc.
  • Healthy Communication:  Always write healthy mails, letters to the concern banks and other financial service providers and keep very carefully, it will help customers when the issue goes to the consumer forum or any other dispute settlements agencies. 

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