Information on Loan Against Property

Get complete information on loan against property in one stop. Today thousands of offers are available from hundreds of property loan providers across country. For more detail information about the loan loan against property. Visit our loan against property page and check the participant banks and other financial companies product program detail of single platform and the service of the loan will be completely free of cost and will be door steps for all. One stop information available for all.Read More


Personal Loan Charges

It is very important to know about the competition in current market. If we check the current market trends then we understand clearly about the best personal loan. Currently there are five major players available in market. They are HDFC, CITI, Axis, ICICI & SBI. So if we are looking for the best quotes then we have to know everything about the product program, fees and other charges, interest rates offers and other parts of the banks. One very important thing from all banks is that they are offering very good rates.Read More

Instant Personal loan in Pune

Pune City is the huge potential of banking branches & customers. Thousands of loans providers are available in Pune. Get all banks instant personal loan information on this platform. There are 5 to 6 types loan provider categories. They are PSU banks, private banks, Co-Operative banks, Non Banking Finance Company(NBFC), Pat Sanstha & the private …Read More


Get Mortgage Loan in Pune

Get mortgage loan in Pune as per your requirement. Yes. We came up with the hottest offers for all our customers in Pune city. Get up to 50% flat discount on processing fees and also special schemes for the customers who want to purchase new or resale property anywhere in Pune. Now first time, a customer can avail services for Mortgage loan and our expert legal advice free of cost. It helps the customers to get the complete information about the property title value and clear title search report.Read More

Home Loan Tax Exemption – Salaried & Self Employed

Home Loan exemption is available for salaried & self employed customers for income tax benefits. This is happened because of the third generation technology. Online markets are growing drastically. Daily updates news spokesperson Mrs. Sadhana Tomar said, everything about the current market trends. She told that financial market is very aggressive and volatile in unsecured and secured funds base loans from banks and other prime financial institutional sales.Read More

Saving of Income Tax-Salaried Vs Self Employed – Dealsofloan

Saving of Income Tax-Salaried Vs Self Employed

In my opinion for saving of hard money especially for salaried class, it is the most common investment way which is preferred by maximum of employees in India. Generally self employed class have lots of ways to save their tax and for doing this they show many kinds of expenses & expenditures in their balance sheets and saves huge tax every year. but the salaried class have fixed ways to save their income taxes. Firstly when the employees get their salary, lots of deductions are already done like professional tax. After the deduction, they invest in some home loan EMI as interest and principle part.Read More


Income Tax Benefit – Home Loan

Income Tax benefit Home Loan. As we all know Government of India announced the most beneficial scheme for all Indians. To save the income tax, any of salaried and self employed persons are allowed to invest some defined part of the money on yearly basis as home purchase and it will be exempted for a fixed bracket for Income tax benefits. Investment will be considered in the yearly interest paid to the lender of home loan and addition of the fixed principle amount paid to the housing loan providers with the fix bracket of the maximum amount of the principle amount, it will be covered under the rule of home loan exemption category.Read More

Types of Interest Rates

There are two types of interest rates in mathematics, simple interest rates and compound interest rates. Simple Interest rates it is the normal interest calculation which uses all of us for our normal daily calculation with percent calculation. All the PSU banks, Private sector banks and all financial institutions are applying simple interest which is …Read More