Income Tax Benefit – Home Loan

Income Tax benefit Home Loan. As we all know Government of India announced the most beneficial scheme for all Indians. To save the income tax, any of salaried and self employed persons are allowed to invest some defined part of the money on yearly basis as home purchase and it will be exempted for a fixed bracket for Income tax benefits. Investment will be considered in the yearly interest paid to the lender of home loan and addition of the fixed principle amount paid to the housing loan providers with the fix bracket of the maximum amount of the principle amount, it will be covered under the rule of home loan exemption category.Read More

Types of Interest Rates

There are two types of interest rates in mathematics, simple interest rates and compound interest rates. Simple Interest rates it is the normal interest calculation which uses all of us for our normal daily calculation with percent calculation. All the PSU banks, Private sector banks and all financial institutions are applying simple interest which is …Read More

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Need Personal Loan ?

Do you believe in borrowing cash from your friends or relatives when you have unpaid bills? Does your home need renovation? Then you would probably need to find quick cash to compensate for all these needs. Personal loans will be a perfect solution. We are one of the best loan comparison service provider portals.Read More


Banks Underwrite Mortgage Loan Process

The federal government has given clear message to their bankers for be careful at the time of mortgage loan funding to their customers. Govt said it is the biggest reason for sub prime slow down in market. Financial institutes need to do hard underwriting in all loan applications and should avoid funding to all financially unhealthy customers. Banks should focus on small and medium ticket size funding against mortgage loan rather then doing big ticket size cases under loan against property or Home loans. Lenders should be very careful while funding property mortgage loan. Book size of bank will stuck when a little amount of account will default in paying their repayments. Balance transfer of any loan account is also very risky for the banks. NPA account should not be more then 1% of over all account of books.Read More

Business Loan

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Car Loan

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Home Loan

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Gold Loan

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Personal Loan

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