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India Defying Global Slowdown

India is on the verge of a revolution in the field of financial technology, with the latest reports showing that around $500 billion is slated to flow inwards through digital payments in the country. Several steps like Unified Payments, Jan Dhan Yojna, Aadhar Cards are prime reasons for such an expected financial revolution in the …Read More


20 Home Loan Charges You Must Know !

Every loan transaction has various costs associated with it for the bank. There are administrative costs to handle your documents, recovery costs, and cost of handling risks associated with the lending amount etc. Also there are various bank departments and outsourcing parties involved to perform certain tasks.

Banks cover these costs from the borrowers in the form of various charges and fees. Hence it is necessary to know the costs involved in the home loan process in advance.Read More

Facts About Loan Rejection – Dealsofloan

8 Lesser Known Facts About Loan Rejection

Have you ever applied for loan and rejected?
Do you want to know what makes your case strong enough to be qualified for loan?
Your loan is disapproved only when the bank considers your loan case as ‘weak’. So it is useful to know in advance about the factors that make your loan case weak and …Read More


Budget 2016 for Road Ministry

You are aware of the importance of infrastructure in the development of economy in any country. Roads transport services, railway network forms the lifeline for trades and business within the country. So it is necessary to discuss the provisions made for the road ministry in the budget 2016 by government of India. Let us take a look at these provisions.Read More

Startup India, Stand Up India – Dealsofloan

Startup India, Stand Up India

Startup India, Stand Up India is the government initiative announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to boost entrepreneurship at the grassroots level in the country. The Start-up India, Stand-up India programme is designed to suit Indian conditions & focus would be on ensuring benefits to young & budding entrepreneurs from a lowest strata of society. Read More


Why Global Market Declined?

Global market on Monday saw a drastic change and most of the economy of the entire world saw a deep decline. The global market declined and the main contributor for this economic slowdown is China. The carnage began with an 8.5% drop in China’s Shanghai Composite index. Following the suit, the markets in Japan, Korea and Australia followed the same.Read More


State Bank and Project Tatkal for Home Loans

The largest bank – State Bank of India has its wide scale operations spread all over the country. With the largest networks of branches, the bank holds a high responsibility towards its customers in the delivery of the best services related to all spheres of the banking.

With this purpose, the state bank of India has launched a project named ‘Project Tatkal’, which is an initiative to provide the services at the doorsteps and accelerate the process of home loans for the people.Read More