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Becoming a DSA allows a person, to get rid of the employee status and become own boss. While, the need for the loans is ever increasing to sustain the living or to meet the dreams and requirements in a person’s life, the need of loan processing people is also on the rise. There was once a time, when the loans were not much in demand and those few who wanted to avail the loan, usually had to visit the branch to get it processed. But, now the availability of loans of different types has allowed the people to get the instant resolution to their needs and demands, either, it is for buying a car, or to get their dream home.
The loans for all needs are available with the banks, these days. Now, the banks have improved their customer services by offering service at door options, thus allowing the person to avail all sorts of loans at their own doorsteps. Thus, the requirements of agents or representatives have also risen in this decade.
But considering the hard job of field, and more importantly working for others and still dedicating the whole time, isn’t the best idea for the people who have field jobs in this regard. So, don’t they take a better step and do something more meaningful and better in their life. Why don’t they quit their jobs and become a boss of their own? Becoming an entrepreneur is now easy as compared to the time, 40 years ago! With the various options available to be your own boss, let’s do something better for your own good. Become a DSA and carry on your experience of the banking industry for your own good and become an entrepreneur!

What is a DSA?
DSA or Direct Selling Agents are the agents who are responsible to bring a business to banks. The businesses in the form of leads as people who are in need of loans and other such requirements have to be furnished to the banks. The DSAs is return gets a certain percentage on each and every loan approved based on the loan amount, which the borrowers lend. Thus, in simple words, DSAs are bringing businesses to the banks. So, why not think it as an entrepreneur, and expand this business for your own good.

Key challenges of DSAs
Bank DSAs face a certain number of challenges while they work for the banks. These are mentioned below:
– Getting a bank codes for the particular loan products is not an easy task
– Achieving business targets as set by the banks is not often possible
– Inefficient loan enquires handling issues
– It’s becoming difficult to maintain a good relationship with the banks, due to the high competition

Steps to become a Loan DSA
Here are a few steps needed to carry out to get you registered as a DSA
Submit your application form online at our website
Submit all needed document and details, whatever needed at the platform
The legal team will cross verify all the details
The process for the approval will be initialised
You will receive the email mentioning all your login details to sign in at CRM
Here you go! You are now a registered DSA

Benefits of becoming a Loan DSA with DealsofLoan
Since the online platform offers with several advantages by offering a single place where you are connected with leading Banks and all NBFCs and can source all leads at the single place, to get your commission. With the platform like DealsofLoan DSA platform, which is completely free, as against to others, where are being charged to become a DSA, you are offered with several benefits:
Opportunity to source leads of all kinds and all locations to one platform
Availability of loan types, like Business Loan, Home Loan, Personal Loans and all others
Higher Commission at all loan products
Availability of the chance to connect with all major banks in the country
Several handbooks and guidance manual to train DSAs better and help them achieving their own goals
Special Integrated Tools to cover all the aspects like Lead Capturing, lead forwarding, lead tracking and everything else in real time

Benefits of a Loan DSA
While working for someone, offers us a limited option to progress, becoming a DSA offers you with unlimited opportunity to explore the maximum limits you can achieve. Here are some benefits associated by becoming a Loan DSA:

You are the boss
Many of us are already fed up with working for someone and listening to the harsh comments of our seniors. Admit it or not, that’s the reality. If you are still in doubt, just rethink! What, we believe, is that we all like to work of our own and invest all our efforts and precious time in doing something different, which offer us more wealth and prosperity. Being a DSA with any reputed Fintech Company offers a chance to do the same and what’s the best thing; the needed flexibility. You can work in flexible hours and can generate leads and the more are the leads, the more is income.

Working with brands
If you are working with a fintech company, which is fast progressing, it would be a much easier road for you as any progressing company, has all the needed energy to scale to new heights and working with them during their rise, allows you in having more opportunity and better extension of your own business.

No investment
The best thing about becoming a DSA is the opportunity of starting your own business with no capital at all. While, all other businesses requires investing lots of money and starting out with a scratch, here you are required not to spend even a single penny and to get involved in a business which is ever increasing. All you need is to invest your time, capture leads and forward them to the platform. Invest your mind, to expand the network and gather more space in the loan industry. With no investment at all, you need no borrowing from any friends and relatives to begin your Loan DSA journey.

Unprecedented Growth
By becoming a Loan DSA, you are offering yourself a chance to earn profits from the first day, itself. With every single client, or better be called as every single loan approved, you are earning a handsome amount as per the loan amount sanctioned. The more are the leads, the more is the income. With the loan sector, an ever increasing sector, the chances are always at the higher side, to better develop your communication skills, networking and knowledge and even developing the innovative skills to gather more leads for your business to flourish!

No Prior Knowledge required
Another benefit attached with the Loan DSA is that it requires no prior knowledge of banking sector. All you need is to have the ways, to capture the leads for the loans. While, you can do it with your website, through social media, through mouth publicity or by any other means. There is no knowledge of banking required with the convincing skills, required to allure the loan seekers towards you. You must have the needed passion and inspiration to gather something meaningful in your life. Set your goals and move towards it with no knowledge of banking required at all.

What it takes to become a Loan DSA?
Become a Loan DSA. Become a CEO of your firm! While becoming a Loan DSA is one step, which can be done by joining any fintech company offering a Loan DSA program, you can slowly but steadily establish an own company of yours, where you can hire a few people to carry out various tasks, related to the Loans. Becoming a Loan DSA and thereafter your own boss requires a vision, where you can see yourself in apposition as CEO, after sometime. To accomplish this, understand the following points:

Know what does a CEO do?
A CEO is a person who is a head of the company and even an employee. A CEO must know everything of the company; from top to bottom and should be confident enough to drive the company towards the perfection and climb the ladder of success. With the sole purpose of betterment of the company, a CEO needs to work, and this is what a Loan DSA, who is starting his entrepreneurship career, should aim at. Always remember that a CEO of the company needs to take risks and should always stand on toe to take things in own hands to accomplish the goals as set to achieve pinnacle of success.

Relying on Experience
While, working as a Loan DSA, you could have assembled a huge experience under the kitty, which can prove beneficial in your journey towards the entrepreneurship. Your experience is the key; the experience you gather while working as a Loan DSA. Using all your experience and your professional circle, you can better start your entrepreneur journey and can guide all others under you, in achieving the success for the company. Use your experience and will power to succeed as a CEO of your company involved in the Loan DSA Program.

Inspiration, an important aspect
Lead your team from the front. Becoming a head of your firm is one thing and carrying this tag with you for a longer time, is a quite different one. If you are looking towards the entrepreneurship journey, your Vision should be very firm. You must have the vision to carry your business further to the next level. You need to have an inspiring attitude which can motivate others towards accomplishing your goals. Make them work for you from within the core of the heart. Inspire them with your great attitude and with your action, motivate them towards the excellence and use all your experience to help them reach the goals as set by you.
With all the inspiration and positive attitude, you can move ahead in your journey as an entrepreneur in the Loan DSA sector. Inspire your team to gather more leads, in fact the more quality leads, with the better loan amount required. Offer them some incentives in return to accomplish the targets and help them in imbibing a confidence and inspiration to do something good for you.

Expand your network
The more is the network, the better it is! In fact, this sector requires a powerful networking. You should know how to expand your network and how to use it for the best of your career. Make a strong connection with the people and remain connected with them. Give them a reason to sit and talk with you and make some good professional friends. Always remember one thing, the more is the professional network, the more is the business for you. The Loan DSA network is no different, and the same logic applies here. Expand your network in such a way that whenever, a people think about getting a loan, they reminds you as the first person to approach.
Becoming a Loan DSA by joining hands with any progressing company involved in this business is a perfect opportunity to bring a change in your life. You can easily quit your 9 to 6 job and that hardship; you are doing to accomplish other’s goals. Think of yourself standing as a CEO of the company and people working under you to meet your goals and luxury. Becoming a Loan DSA allows you in achieving this goal without any investment. All you need is to get your decision firm and solid, make up your mind and jump in the towards the entrepreneurship journey, a road where you have no limitations, everything to achieve and nothing to lose and where you are free from being an employee of others, where you have a flexible work timing, and where you can achieve your goals surely.

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