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Are you a Real Estate agent in Pune? Work with us and get any home loan for your customers.

Are you a Real Estate agent in Pune? Work with us and get any home loan for your customers.

Feb 25, 2021By Admin

What is DSA Agent ?

DSA stands for either direct sales agents or direct sales associates. An individual or person is known as DSA when acting as a referring partner agent for a bank, NBFC, or other financial institutions. DSA acknowledges people's financial needs. When you do not have any money and don't know how to find it, it will get really frustrating.

Usually DSA agents can help you find the proper form of loan, help you pick the amount of the loan and also complete the entire loan application. Clients can get the loan they wish with their assistance.

Benefits Of DSA:

Be your own Boss: The Loan DSA Company gives you an opportunity to become your own boss. The DSA loan offers you a channel where you can launch your journey to entrepreneurship. You can be an owner of a respectable and well-functioning company dealing in loans and other such things with the proper vision and mission.

Working hours are flexible: The feature that most Loan DSA loves to have is flexibility in working hours. You are entitled to flexibility during work hours for your own Loan DSA job. Do whatever you like.

Earn Highest Payout : You will have a chance to earn more extra income by sharing quality loan leads with us and  highest get payout of disbursed loan lead directly at your  account .

A Real Estate Agent Can Be Work As DSA:

Real Estate Agent successfully connect with potential customer. They helping their client to get the best possible home loan deal. A Real Estate Agent is a registered professional who believes for a real estate agent or a broker and is present during a property sale and dealings. They work for the dealer by recommending their customers on how to price their house, and by doing few changes to prepare it for sale. They also work for the client by looking for properties that suit the customer's price range and their wish list as well. They are generally paid on a commission basis meaning they get charged a certain percentage of the deal for every sale or purchase of a property.

We at Dealsofloan recognize this initiative, and so a specific and exclusive loan partner programme for real estate agents has been introduced. Your work as an estate agent will be very close to what you do in your career. The only change is that you must share a loan reference or lead with us. In this scenario it should be either a home buyers or sellers. If you have shared the loan lead with us, we will approach the lead, follow it up with them during the loan application process and keep the details. Each converted loan lead you earn incentives. Yeah, you get a payout until their loan is disbursed. We dealsofloan is  also recognised for the timely payouts. The more leads you produce, therefore, will provide for you for a higher payout. you have chance to  get highest  payouts  in your account by sharing more quality leads with us.

Working with us will give you the opportunity to interact with our business that has an existence in PAN India. You could work as you wish, and earn extra income. As a real estate agent, you trust your customers with honesty and quality service. We hold the same beliefs as you do at dealsofloan. Join us in helping our customers borrow properly.

Below are the Steps How to Become Loan Retailer Partner.

1. Install Dealsofloan Retailer App available on Google Play Store.
2. Fill in your profile and register your bank account information for transfer payment.
3. Add lead as per product wise info in mobile app.
4. Fill in all fields according to the documents of the customer carefully & appropriate.
5. Upload pdf / images of all necessary documents according to the product wise document list mentioned in the application information (i) symbol available in the mobile app.
6. Instantly confirm the eligibility with different banks / NBFCs an app.
7. Send application for loan / credit cards and receive instant approval / decision from the banks and NBFCs concerned.
8. Track Loan / Credit Card application status under "My Leads" on Partner App.
9. Solve pending query obtained from banks / NBFCs through a mobile partner app.
10.Post month of issue confirm your pay-out status in your Partner App.
11.For any question, get help from DOL relationship manager team.
12.Pay-out will be transferred in your registered account on a fixed date.


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